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SEO Introduction - Black Hat & White Hat SEO

Search engine optimisation is a form of marketing and essentially is an umbrella that covers a range of different activities aiming to improve a websites search engine rankings. We know that the majority of the world is everyday making some sort of query on a search engine whether it be Google, Yahoo, Bing or even DuckDuckGo. However what you will find now is that it is only the first page of results are ever looked at. A person querying something via the use of a search engine will enter in their query and look only at the first page of results never going on to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page. Instead of doing this they will go about refining their query, narrowing down their search in the hope that it will come up in the next search. This means that if you have a website that is being ranked on the 7th page in search engine result, you go pretty much unseen almost always. Some may choose to pay search engine companies to have their websites advertised at the very top when being searched for and although it is effective it can be seen as a large cost and like most things in life it doesnt last long.

A quick disclaimer, it is important to understand that there is never a set way in which things will work and the techniques that will be later explained arent something that will work magic wonders overnight. SEO works for those who are patient, persistent as well as dedicated to make things happen.

There are 2 main forms of SEO listed below:
Black Hat SEO
White Hat SEO

Although the above sound the same they are very much different, individuals will tend to choose one over the other for different purposes and some may make use of both. Black hat SEO will focus working around the search engines themselves, web masters will manipulate their sites and the way in which a search engine is to interpret their websites quality, content and importance in ranking. White hat SEO on the other hand works the opposite way whereby web masters will work around their users i.e. the human audience improving the sites user interaction with real people. The two consist of very different ways to be achieved and no doubt have their own implications and outcomes. Black hat SEO isnt ideal for those who have a passion for their site or class it of great importance for their company/business/organisation. Black hat SEO can be seen preferred mostly by those wanting to make quick money online via affiliate linking, monetisation or 3rd party advertisements until things inevitably go wrong. White hat SEO is preferred by those wanting to grow real organic traffic.

Ways in which Black hat SEO is carried out can be seen below
Keywords - Stuffing keywords, Listing keywords that are not relevant
Cloaking - Displaying different content to search engines to that seen by visitors on the site
Content - Sites containing duplicate content or even a mirrored site
Social Spam - Creating social media profiles to spam other users with links to website
Domain squatting - Taking advantage of well known sites and user misdirections
Poor quality content - Long useless content containing only keywords for search engines to pick up on.

Ways in which White hat SEO is carried out can be seen below
Quality content - Content users will enjoy containing keywords search engines will be bound to recognise
Meta tags - Meta information that is well thought out will make all the difference.
Linking - Internal linking between pages act as great back-links, external linking is also always a good thing.
Social presence - A presence on social media platforms will help encourage more engagement.
HTML compliant - Ensuring your website is well built and most importantly is completely responsive regardless of device, browser or viewing mode.

In the next posts we will be going through in more detail how one can go about making use of both black hat and white and SEO techniques. Here at scriptopia we are not favouring one over the over but rather are wanting our viewers to be knowledgeable in both. If you are interested in seeing more from us or have any request posts do let us know via the Contact form.

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SEO Introduction - Black Hat & White Hat SEO

SEO, How? What? Why? A very quick brief on SEO and the difference between the Black hat and White hat approach. The start of a new saga have a quick read and let us know what you think.

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